Alternative Audio Presents - Interstellar Travel

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Since realising our engines had been tampered with, we have stopped at nothing to identify the saboteur and quickly realised there were larger forces at play. Nefarious entities that could never hinder our mission however. We successfully deterred the Galactic Federation’s interference in our maiden voyage in March, and it's now all systems go on the official launch of our Interstellar Travel! While we trawl the cosmos in search of extra-terrestrial frequencies you can be sure you will encounter some of the finest creatures we can find. Our state-of-the-art space program, led by our full Martin Audio Spacecraft will be sure to shake up this solar system and beyond. As anyone that has encountered our intergalactic engineering before can attest, we will have the main cabin rumbling like no species has before. On our continuing journey through space and time, we have intercepted rogue frequencies cascading throughout the vast emptiness of our cosmos. The ominous red glow and satanic symbolism emanating from our radar could only mean one thing. The Diablo hath risen! Unleashing a primordial evil older than the universe and time itself, the Lord of all abominations rose from deep within the Diablo System spewing sounds deeper and darker than anything our science vessels had ever encountered. Together no force can stop us as we explore a vast array of sonic galaxies with nothing but the finest space engineers and cosmonauts manning the ship! 08.10.22 we make contact...


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