All the Ordinary Angels by Nick Leather


First premiered at The Royal Exchange in Manchester in 2005 and winner of the prestigious Pearson Best Play award in 2004.

The patriarch of a traditional - and failing - ice cream business pits his two sons against each other to determine who will inherit the company. The game is on. Younger son Lino has lived in the bullying shadow of older brother Rocco all his life. Rocco's a chancer who'll stop at nothing to win and doesn't care who gets hurt.

Lulu, the quirky quality control girl at the factory makes a 'special recipe' ice cream reserved for parties held by her brother Joe, an unscrupulous and brutal man with a shady past - It tastes amazing, and people want more and more and more of it - but what is the secret ingredient? Will the competition tear the brothers apart and destroy the family business forever...?

All the Ordinary Angels is a story of sibling rivalry, the descent into the underbelly of illicit substance abuse and the consequences of winning at any cost.


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12/06 2024 7:45pm
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