Thanks to her alluring, multi-octave voice and wide-ranging influences, Alison Goldfrapp has left an adventurous mark on electronic and pop music as a collaborator and solo artist. Working with Orbital and Tricky in the mid-'90s soon led to her partnership with composer Will Gregory as the multi-platinum-selling and award-winning duo Goldfrapp, where her quicksilver vocals held together a body of work that borrowed from folk, cabaret, classical, disco, techno, '80s pop, and glam rock. Though the duo's most danceable work was often their most successful -- 2005's Supernature and 2010's Head First both debuted in the Top Ten in the U.K. and earned Grammy nominations in the U.S. -- quieter albums like 2000's Felt Mountain and 2013's Tales of Us were just as powerful in their own right. In the 2020s, Alison Goldfrapp pursued stylishly creative music on her own while her group was on hiatus, blending euphoric grooves and thoughts about aging and climate change into deceptively breezy club workouts on 2023's The Love Invention.


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01/03 2024 7:00pm
Roundhouse Chalk Farm Road LONDON
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