Alice In Wonderland


Journey with Alice as she follows the White Rabbit into a curiously enchanting new world, filled with even curiouser characters. As she searches for a way to unlock her imagination, Alice encounters strange and whimsical people: a disappearing cat with a grin wider than she's ever seen, a Mad Hatter whose tea party never quite serves tea, and a bad tempered Queen who is looking for her jam tarts…

Written by LD Acting this is an original adaptation like no other. Oh no it isn't, Oh yes it is! Alice In Wonderland is filled with fun, laughter, lots of twists and bunny tails! Brought to life by our young talented LD Acting company on the glorious Barlow stage, this is a story that will give the young – and young at heart – a joyful New Year treat!

As with all Barlow pantomimes we always require a brave and enthusiastic parent to join our LDA cast onstage during the Panto. If you know anyone who has a secret talent worthy to enter in 'Wonderland's Got Talent' please email Lauren on info@ldacting.

50% of all profits from the show will be donated to The Barlow charity which provides facilities to improve the condition of life for the local community.


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03/02 2023 6:30pm
The Barlow 216 Bolton Road EDGWORTH
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