After 25 years in broadcasting & touring LIVE, Alex Belfield found himself in Lockdown. It was then that he launched 'The Voice Of Reason' on YouTube from his mother's back bedroom. He is now the UK’s #1 News talk presenter, commentator, troublemaker & comedian online. Having never done a proper job (and being permanently self-unemployed) - Alex is bringing his LIVE nonsense to his spiritual home Blackpool !Characters 'Vordernorks, Abbottcus & Johnstone' are in negotiations to appear.Laughing in the face of lefties - Alex brings old-school cabaret back to the stage. Half wits, fart heads & the hard of thinking are requested to stay away! This is entertainment for grown ups who love to laugh….not precious wokeflakes who want to be offended.Alex's special guest is 'TV Comedy Legend' Mr Bobby Davro No refunds - no matter how many times you boo hoo on Twitter! 😜 Strictly over 18s only.


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08/10 2022 7:30pm
The Joe Longthorne MBE Theatre North Pier Promenade BLACKPOOL
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