As the dust settles and we emerge blinking into the dawn of a new year, the men and women of this great country will need answers. Answers that they know they need, answers to questions they never knew existed.

And when that moment comes, who better to show the way, to provide those answers, than the people’s man of the people, the Pub Landlord? Steeped in the deep and ancient barroom wisdom of countless lock ins, the Pub Landlord is there to show the way. Wherever you are, he will – within sensible travel limits and theatre booking policy – come, offering people thirsty for common sense a full pint of the good stuff.


Enjoy code: 556799
Target groups
Elderly, Youth, Adult
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30/10 2022 7:00pm
Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre Stevenage Leisure Centre Lytton Way STEVENAGE
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