AI: Friend or Foe to the Design Industry?


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26/05 2024 kl 10:00
Science Museum Exhibition Road South Kensington LONDON
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Like most creative industries, design has been transformed by technology in recent decades—but AI presents something new. Does it pose an existential threat to designers or open up a new world of creative opportunity? From utilizing CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to Photoshop and graphics tablets, designers have continuously embraced technological innovations that have enhanced their creativity and productivity, and they have already employed some form of AI for many years. In a world where AI tools are becoming more prominent, what is the role of human designers? Are their jobs at risk due to the rise of AI? Or alternatively, should AI design tools be embraced as a creative instrument? An expert panel of designers, artists and curators will examine the complexity of this topic as well as speculate on the future of AI in design. Speakers include: James Ravenhall—Creative Director, NewTerritory brand experience studio. Maria Than—Digital artist, designer, co-founder of Ricebox Studio, resident artist at arebyte Gallery and lecturer at University of the Arts London (UAL).Emily Gosling – Freelance art and design writer. Formerly Senior Editor at AIGA's Eye on Design; Deputy Editor at It's Nice That; and reporter, later acting editor, at Design Week. Author of Great Minds Don't Think Alike .