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In his directorial debut, Farhad Delaram takes us on a journey between cities in contemporary Iran.

Farid, nicknamed Achilles, is a Tehran-based filmmaker who gives up on his artistic ambitions and instead, works the night shift in an underfunded hospital, disheartened by a political system entrenched in corruption and abuse.

In the psychiatric ward, Farid meets political prisoner Hedieh, who – like many opponents of the regime – has been subjected to pharmacological torture for years. What follows is at once a complex exploration of human psychology, high-stakes road movie, and political thesis, as Farid and Hedieh flee from Tehran to Maku, growing closer in the quiet of his car.

First shown at the Toronto International Film Festival, this character study envelops audiences in a world of political abuse, alienation, and creative standstill. The road takes Farid and Hedieh from one destination to the next, tailed by armed officials and memories of national tragedy, dismantling barriers of a system designed to divide.

Dir: Farhad Delaram | 2023 | France/Germany/Iran |15 | 1h 56m


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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