Abbey Players present "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs"


It's Christmas! It's pantomime time! It's the Abbey Players!

Following last years sell-out production of "Aladdin" the Abbey Players return to deliver lots of laughter and audience participation in this re-telling and updated version of the popular story.

After secretly poisoning the King, the evil Queen Avarice claims the throne of the kingdom of Fairytalia. When she discovers that her step-daughter, Snow White, has become "more fairer" than she is the queen plots to have Snow White killed in the woods.

With the help of Fairy Fortune she escapes and is befriended by the seven dwarfs who live and mine in the woods.

On learning that Snow White isn't dead the queen herself goes into the woods with the intention of killing Snow White with a poisoned apple.

Can Snow White be saved!?

Packed full of song, dance and slapstick comedy this is the perfect start to the Christmas season for children of ALL ages from 5 to 85.

"Oh NO it isn't, oh YES it is!!"


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15/12 2024 2:30pm
Abbey Theatre Pool Bank Street NUNEATON
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