A Town Called Christmas

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Far away, beyond the snow, and nestled in a perfect nook you’ll find a town called Christmas…

Clementine dreams of a place where gingerbread houses glow under twinkling fairy-lights, and chocolate coins are currency. Where the streets are filled with snow-ball fights, and laughter hangs like baubles in the air! The happiest place on Earth.

Or at least it used to be…

Buckle in for a rollercoaster of magic, music, and mayhem as our hero crash-lands in a crumbling town where only the long-forgotten fables, a cantankerous caretaker and a glitching robot remain! Can they save the day, and the town called Christmas?

A brand-new show for adventurers aged 3+ and their grown-ups.

British Sign Language interpreted performances of A Town Called Christmas will take place on Wednesday 7 December, 10.30am and Saturday 10 December, 1.30pm.