A Night Of The Jam And The Clash - Woking Calling - Live In Guildford


Woking Calling play the Songs of The Clash and the Jam - The Jam and the Clash Made up musicians who've played for the UK Subs, Chords UK,, Vodka Tourists, Chelsea, and Bruce Foxtons Solo band, and having seen both bands live many times, we play with a passion and care, that we hope you'll appreciate. We are not a tribute to either, but most definitely a lover of both, playing 4 songs from each band in a chronological order, with the classics held back to the end. This allows us to play some of the favourite album tracks, alongside the singles. Think Mr Clean and Safe European home, then Little Boy Soldiers and Career Opportunities, leaving the hits to the end of the 2nd set. We hope to see you at this amazing venue. Cheers


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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08/06 2024 7:00pm
The Boileroom 13 Stokefields GUILDFORD
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