One of Shakespeare's most famous comedies, A Midsummer Night's Dream, tells the whirlwind story of expectations and dreams and getting lost in the in-between. This chaotic tale unfolds in the magical midnight world of the Athenian forest where the air is pierced with jealousy, unrequited love, and delicious confusion. As they enter the forest, the Athenians are caught in Titania and Oberon's quarrel over a child, both fairies desperate to follow their dreams of motherhood. Determined and yet disoriented, the humans are left to grapple with new identities and unexpected declarations of love.

In the midst of tree and moss, dreams and reality blur and merge. Who do these individuals dream to be, and at what cost?

Following their tour of Europe, the European Theatre Group return to the ADC Theatre with another spell-binding reinterpretation of a classic Shakespeare play.


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25/01 2025 2:30pm
ADC Theatre Park Street CAMBRIDGE
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