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All the world's a stage!... Oops, wrong play. But when you take an empty theatre, a theatre troupe as much in love with themselves as each other, magical technicians, and a bunch of volunteers who try to steal the show, you come up with something magical!

Set in a theatre that contains the world thanks to some magical space dimension and mind bending (thanks Puck!) love gets confused and turns to hate, the best of friends fall out, and a Luvie gets turned into a donkey. Add to that fairies disguised as technicians and two directors who are getting married but can't agree on anything, and you've got a recipe for comic disaster of epic proportions.

Bringing their well-known spin on Shakespeare, Bear Left present a highly theatrical and farcical take on the classic Shakespeare comedy.

Bear Left Theatre Company is a small scale professional company that has brought shows to Nottingham for over 5 years.With a mix of Shakespeare, new writing and more, they bring you shows meant to entertain,whether that's a Shakespearean tragedy, a brand new comedy, or a family friendly adventure!


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