A Fine Pair: William Gillies and John Maxwell

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A Fine Pair: William Gillies and John Maxwell William Gillies and John Maxwell were among the most significant and distinctive Scottish artists of the 20th century. Gillies is best known for his tonal landscapes, spontaneous watercolours and carefully constructed still life compositions, while Maxwell is remembered for his expressive, dream-like depictions of creatures, flowers and timeless nudes. The two painters pursued different approaches in their work, but remained life-long friends who travelled, exhibited and socialised together. In this lecture Dr Helen Scott traces the parallel careers of Gillies and Maxwell, from their initial training at Edinburgh College of Art in the 1920s to the achievements of their creative maturity in the 1950s and 60s. Dr Helen Scott is Curator of Fine Art at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh. She has curated over 20 exhibitions since taking on this role in 2013, including the major survey show 'William Gillies & John Maxwell' in 2016.