90s Baby Hastings


90s Baby Hastings Date - Saturday 29th June 2024 Venue - Hastings Pier The hugely popular nostalgic party that is 90s Baby is set to host a spectator summer showcase on Hasting pier on Saturday 29th June 2024. 90s Baby is all about transporting dancers back to a 90s musical paradise with the biggest names of the day all stepping up including from dance to trance, house to garage. It is the foremost event of its kind and in 2023 it threw huge parties indoors at the Albert Hall as well as a vast outdoor event at Manchester's City Airport. It was the latest in a long line of events for this iconic 90s brand with its out-of-this-world production and feel good soundtrack. Hastings's iconic and 150 year old pleasure pier reaches out over the English Channel as the waves break below, the beach stretches out either side and the classic seaside town of Hastings acts as a beautiful backdrop. When soaked in summer sun there is no better place to party, and as afternoon turns to evening and that sun begins to set, it makes for a real shivers down your spine musical experience. The stage itself boasts immersive lights and lasers while the sound system is world class to ensure every kick drum hits like intended. 90s Baby On the Pier is an essential way to celebrate the good old days on a sun kissed pier with beautiful views out to see down in Hastings.


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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29/06 2024 12:00pm
Hastings Pier HASTINGS TN34 1JW
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