440 Theatre Presents - Romeo And Juliet


Macbeth in 40 minutes? Romeo & Juliet in 40 minutes? Both shows performed by only 4 actors in one evening! 440 Theatre are back with their ‘Double Bill’ for 2023. Two of Shakespeare’s Greatest Tragedies transformed into outrageous, fall-on-the-floor comedies. Not to be missed! You might have seen Shakespeare before but never like this! Four Forty have been delighting audiences up and down the country with their fast paced, in your face, hysterically funny productions. Offering an alternative take on some of the worlds most famous plays, their inimitable style and charisma has set them apart as one of the most hungry and playfully ambitious travelling troupes around!

As part a double bill, 440 will be performing Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet in the space of one evening! Act One sees the 440 team wrestle with a side splitting Macbeth (Yes, a comedy!) followed by an even more outrageous Romeo & Juliet in Act Two. 440 Theatre are 4 actors delivering exciting, engaging and energetic pieces of theatre in 40 minutes! Performing in spaces great and small, their work is playful but never lacks focus. 440 Theatre was formed to provide live action Shakespeare that educates and entertains in as little as 40 minutes!


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27/07 2023 7:30pm
Marsden Mechanics Peel Street HUDDERSFIELD
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