25 Hour Records - Steam Packet Tour

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Gary Powell brings the 25 Hour Convenience Store on tour! On Saturday 8th October 2022 @ EBGBS, Liverpool, join us for the launch of Steam Packet Tour, featuring: Bear Park / Dead Freights / Young Culture / Casino Tickets: £10 ADV and £12 OTD Gary Powell hasn’t lost his faith in love and music. He doesn’t want to talk about the band that launched him to one of the most respected and charismatic drummers in rock n roll, he wants to talk about the relaunch of his record label ’25 Hour Convenience Store’. And when surmising his mission statement you realize that freedom, rebellion and romanticism is never far away from a Libertine’s agenda: ‘I want 25 hour Convenience Store to be there for all the artists that believe their voice can’t be heard. Everybody has something to say and you should not be ignored just because you are not ‘En Vogue.’ I want the label to be there for the artists through thick and thin.’ You can find Gary and 25 Hour Convenience Store on instagram @25hourconveniencestore where they’ll be previewing the artists for Octobers ‘Steam Packet’ tour with a series of filmed performances from Dead Freights, Bear Park, Casino and Young Culture as well as label playlists featuring artists exciting the label team. ‘The end’ may take longer than we’d all feared if 25 Hour have anything to do with it.


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