Yusuf Ahmed: Unknown to Known

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Unknown to Known offers an intimate dialogue of meandering melodies and textural grooves over resounding harmonic landscapes. At times euphoric and often dynamic, this music is always interactive, honest and raw. On woodwinds, Idris Rahman and Tamar Osborn weave together the melodic fabric of this music. Their lyrical approach gracefully compliments one another, whether they play in unison or counterpoint. Jihad Darwish oscillates between the sitar, double bass and electric bass, providing a bridge from melodic and harmonic worlds down to earthy, pulsating yet sensitive grooves which Yusuf Ahmed ties together on the drums and various hybrid percussion instruments. At times euphoric and dynamic and at others deeply meditative, the music the quartet creates is always interactive, honest, and raw -deep thinking jazz music at its best.


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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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