Why Other People P!ss You Off


Mirror, semen, manoeuvre…

HAM THEATRE bring their award winning play to The Bridge House Theatre - a fast paced comedy with bits of physical theatre, music and singing, set around a group of strangers hoping to #avoidthepoints at a Speed Awareness course.

Characters along for the ride include disciples from The Church of Right of Way (HIGHWAY-LUJAH!) and drivers you've probably fingered. In this rude & theatrical piece The Hammers sort-of-guarantee that you’ll laugh, cry, and learn some of the Highway Code you really should know already (just think of the penalty fines you'll save?)

Belt up and take a fully leaded look at how psychology affects performance behind the wheel, and witness the breaking of some rather personal, as well as legal limits.

HAM THEATRE have previously performed sell-out shows, winning multiple Brighton & Hove Arts Council Drama Awards, and Why Other People P!ss You Off won Best Comedy and Best Unpublished Play at the 2022 Maidenhead Drama Festival.

Awarded FIVE ASTERISKS by the BRIGHTON ASTERISK SOCIETY (which we made up and then registered on Instagram...)


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04/10 2022 7:30pm
Bridge House 2 High Street Penge LONDON
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