A concert with Chris While, Julie Matthews and Kellie While is a rare thing these days so when the opportunity arises for the trio to perform together it's a joy to them and their audience alike. The combination of the three voices together is simply sublime, their choice and arrangements of songs often surprising but recognisable and the humour they share on stage is both warm and engaging. Maybe it's because performing live together is so rare (Kellie is head of creative output for a radio company and Chris and Julie tour with the duo, St Agnes Fountain and Daphne's Flight) that when the three of them come together, magic happens. Simply put, an opportunity not to be missed.Presented by Cherry Burton Arts & Hunsley Acoustic Music.Bring your own drinks & glasses.


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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04/02 2023 kl 19:30
Cherry Burton Arts The Village Hall Cherry Burton BEVERLEY
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