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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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10am - 5pm (30 min slots) Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club, Esplanade, Greenock PA16 7SE

Part of Feral's curated programme for the Galoshans Festival 2022.

An audio work by French & Mottershead.

What happens when we reach the end of life? Listen to an intimate and poetic story of afterlife as you look out over the water. Hear the process of transformation as your body is borne by currents and tides, from a canal, through a widening river and out to sea.

Galoshan’s Festival is delighted to present French and Mottershead’s internationally acclaimed Waterborne for the first time in Scotland.

Written from forensic case studies of human bodies transported by water and research on the ecosystems of rivers and tidal waters, Waterborne is one of four audio works from French & Mottershead’s Afterlife series.