Marlene is at the top of her game. As the new Managing Director of Top Girls Employment Agency in the glitz and glamour of 1980s London, she hosts an extraordinary dinner party to celebrate her achievements. But what is the true cost of success for a woman of colour making it in a man's world?

Returning home to Toxteth, a showdown with sister Joyce lays bare some hidden truths. As the sisters struggle to reconcile their differing realities, what does it mean for the next generation?

Set in a divisive decade of strikes and uprisings; as well as music and fashion that transformed Britain, Top Girls is now reimagined for Liverpool with a cast including Tala Gouveia (McDonald & Dodds) and Alicya Eyo (Bad Girls) as the sisters.

Fantastical and fiercely funny, Top Girls is acclaimed as one of British theatre’s crowning glories. As Caryl Churchill’s ground-breaking play turns 40, it is now more urgent and necessary than ever.


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03/03 2023 7:30pm
Everyman Theatre 5-11 Hope Street LIVERPOOL
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