Tom McRae

Contemporary folk material by the Chelmsford singer-songwriter and musician.


British singer-songwriter Tom Mcrae, along with his regular touring musicians ‘The Standing Band’, has been quietly moving up the ranks of the most respected songwriters in the world today after releasing 7 critically acclaimed studio albums over the last 15 years and writing for a variety of artists and singers.

Mcrae’s eponymous debut album in 2000 was nominated for a The Mercury Prize, a Q Magazine Award, and a Brit, and the subsequent two years of touring cemented his reputation as one the most entertaining and powerful artists touring today. Mcrae’s second album, Just Like Blood, released to wide acclaim, with every track being licensed for TV and film use, his style of music fitting perfectly the darker output of LA’s film studios.

Since then, Essex-born Mcrae has released five more albums, relocated internationally three times and set up his own label Buzztree Studios in Cornwall- and there’s no sign that he’s going to be slowing down anytime soon. Mcrae and his tour mates, The Standing Band, a collection of incredible musicians and loyal friends, released their latest record ‘Did I Sleep and Miss The Boarder’ this Autumn. The album and its accompanying tour have further added to the cult that is rapidly springing up around this talented and dedicated artist and his ragtag band.

For an artist working in a genre often considered by the music press to be ‘sensitive and self-indulgent’, Mcrae possesses the talent to blow the roof off a venue with his passionate performances, as well as the innate ability forge a strong humorous bond with his audience.


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27/09 2022 7:00pm
Gorilla 54--56 Whitworth Street MANCHESTER
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