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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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Toyobo (or photopolymer gravure) is an innovative new printmaking process that uses remarkable water-washable photopolymer plates which are both fast and safe, producing results similar to 19th century process of photogravure. Although the course will be of interest to all artists, it is particularly suitable for those working with photographic and digital imaging who wish to produce high quality original prints. The course focuses on understanding the technical intricacies of the processes: exploring how to prepare images for the process and how to identify works best for each technique.

The course is very hands-on. During the course, each person will produce two A5 images. The process has a high digital imaging content, explaining how to manipulate the image before exposing it to the photopolymer. Some experience of Photoshop is advisable. Bring along photographic images either on a USB stick, CD, or as photographic prints, to be scanned.