Davina scouts scallies. Working for the Tine Tickle Empire she’s on the lookout for some good lookers to compete in the sport of Endurance Tickling. It’s really, really, well paid, and for subscription members only, so why wouldn’t you? Our 2 lads are drawn into this lucrative sport, and enjoy the financial gains, opportunities and the sort of fame only dreamed about by their mates on the estate.

The Tina Tickle Empire adamantly claims it’s a “wholesome sport”. Where’s the catch?

Tickling. Innocent fun. But when a lot of money can be made online is everything as it seems or will lives be ruined and hearts broken?

Inspired by the documentary Tickled, and loosely based on fact, this new musical comedy explores the bizarre World of Competitive Endurance Tickling.


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11/07 2023 7:30pm
The Drayton Arms Theatre 153 Old Brompton Road LONDON
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