The Sixteen: The Choral Pilgrimage 2022


Hubert Parry’s Songs of Farewell must surely rank among some of the finest choral works ever written. Deeply affected by the First World War, Parry sought poetry that would reflect not only peace and unity and the search for a better world, but also an escape from the horrors of war.

The poems Parry chose to set are sublime, be they metaphysical poetry by John Donne and Henry Vaughan or the aching beauty of Thomas Campion’s verse. Perfectly complementing the rich sonority of Parry’s Songs are three short pieces by Campion, a selection of medieval carols and a new work by Cecilia McDowall.


Parry Songs of Farewell mediaeval carol Deo gracias, Anglia mediaeval carol Saint Thomas honour we mediaeval carol O blessed Lord mediaeval carol Benedicite Deo Cecilia McDowall An Unexpected Shore Campion Never, weather-beaten sail Campion Author of light Campion Tune thy music to thy heart Howells Take him, earth for cherishing.


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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04/06 2022 7:30pm
St Mary's Church Old Square WARWICK
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