The Medieval Mysteries


Eastern Angles are East Anglia’s premier theatre company and their visit to Dereham is the first for decades. The Medieval Mysteries forms their 40th Anniversary Tour.

The two medieval plays have been re-written for modern times and will appeal to audiences aged 14 years and more.

‘Parliament of Heaven’ is part pageant, part play, part thriller as it sees God taken to task because He has allowed Heaven to be empty, whilst Hell is standing room only.

What is to be done? Has He set the bar too low? Immaculate conception, starry-eyed shepherds and be-spangled wise ones, and a hair-raising escape from a raging Herod follow - though, will it work?

‘Mankind’ (“the most popular play of the time”) provides the answer. A rumbustious tale of an Everyman figure who is tested by three different kinds of devil. Will he hang on to his dignity, resist temptation and still be a good person?

There is music, clowning, storytelling and a cloak of invisibility creating a magical experience.

The Mystery Plays are great fun.

Come along!


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22/03 2023 7:30pm
Dereham Memorial Hall Norwich Street DEREHAM
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