The House on the Cliff


The house in question is rambling old structure of ancient vintage, built high on a cliff overlooking the English Channel. Years ago a boat sank in a storm near the foot of the cliff and it is said that the ghosts of the drowned passengers haunt the area. The houses occupants include a young, lovely heiress, Ellen Clayton, who is currently confined to a wheelchair; Karen her coolly beautiful stepmother; and Jenny an austere housekeeper. The Nurse Pepper arrives, a cheerful, curious person desirous of putting things in order. And there’s the substitute doctor, Corey Phillips who believes Ellen can walk again and soon. It all begins with a sudden, violent murder and ends with a chilling, surprising climax.

This amateur production of “The House on the Cliff” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.


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22/01 2025 7:45pm
Little Theatre High Street South DUNSTABLE
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