The Gospel According to Philip by Richard Melchior and Heidi Svoboda


Jesus is trying to organise his Lord of the Dance 3AD tour, but he can’t keep control of the disciples. Judas and Peter can’t stop bickering, Paul is struggling with his sexuality, Matthew has some awkward questions regarding religion and James is utterly bewildered. But thankfully it is all being doggedly written down by Philip who is desperate to become a proper disciple.

Reviews The Gospel According to Philip is a new comedy which takes an irreverent look at the events of The New Testament. The most excruciatingly funny fringe comedy I’ve reviewed. 5 Stars Unmissable! Everything Theatre

For fans of Monty Python and the like, The Gospel According to Philip is definitely a show to put on your calendar for a fun night out. The UP coming

A work of irreligion of the highest order. Review Hub

The Gospel According To Philip is wildly entertaining, irreverent and hysterical, but it has a sweet hopefulness running through it that will leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Everything you could wish for in a comedy Fairy Powered Productions

: Adults £12.50

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30/08 2024 7:30pm
Beccles Public Hall & Theatre Smallgate BECCLES
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