The Gin Chronicles - A Scottish Adventure!

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If you enjoyed last year's performance come and see "The Gin Chronicles: A Scottish Adventure". Vintage, radio-style comedy that takes you into a world of mischief, mayhem, live sound effects and 1940s derring-do that'll have you leaving with a great big smile on your face. John Jobling is an endearing upper-class half-wit detective. Doris Golightly is his erstwhile housemaid and assistant. In this adventure, they journey to the land of whisky & bagpipes to thwart a nazi plot (led by matinée idol - and turncoat - Dedworth Winkfield) to steal all of the nation's juniper berries and, by extension, deny this Sceptred Isle its gin supply: the absolute bounders! Also available at the bar will be Captain Botanicals Navy Strength Gin distilled by Master Distiller Stuart Brown at the Deerness Distillery on Orkney, along with highly-rated, premium tonics from Wildleaf Drinks. So slip on something vintage and join The Misfits of London in !


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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