Spirit Dance Ft. Tristan, GMS, Regan & more


Welcome to a revolutionary psychedelic experience: Spirit Dance. Immerse your senses in a movement that bridges our ancestral roots with a vibrant journey through time, powered by the worlds most banging psychedelic music. Inspired by festivals in neighbouring countries that celebrate their tribal heritage, we seek to revive the ancient wisdom that is often overlooked in the UK. Our land is rich with the legacy of tribes such as the Celts, Pagans, Druids, and Wiccans. Ancient folklore tells tales of mystical energy centres, known as Ley Lines which criss-cross our island, and ancient oak trees, revered by pagans as sources of wisdom and channels for divine communication, stand testament to our storied past. Join us as we infuse ancient symbolism, rituals, and a sense of community into a new chapter of psychedelic history. Powered by top-notch sound, light and visual simulation, were teaming up with world leading record labels and creative minds to bring you a ground shaking psychedelic feast. In association with good friends Nano Records and Altered States, weve curated an incredible launch party with a line-up to blow your mind!


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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08/11 2024 11:00pm
Electric Brixton 1 Town Hall Parade Brixton Hill LONDON
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