'Solace' an exhibition by Claire Carrington


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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23/07 2024 10:00am
National Trust: Gunby Hall Estate: Monksthorpe Chapel SPILSBY PE23 5PP
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Gunby is pleased to welcome Claire Carrington and her new exhibition called ‘Solace’ - Exploring the joys of nature through colour, light and texture.

This exhibition is a journey from country to coast, exploring landscapes and seascapes and the moments that make you pause along the way.

Wherever Claire walks, she always find something that makes her want to stop and look closer, getting lost in a world of colour and texture, or a view that makes her want to capture a feeling – how the light dances on the water, or the clouds race across the sky.

Claire works in both acrylic and mixed media, sometimes over several days, using layers to create texture and depth, or sometimes at speed, using broad brush strokes and raw marks to capture the energy of a moment.

Her style ranges from impressionist to semi-abstract and her process is entirely dependent on how she feels about the subject before starting. Sometimes she'll begin with no subject in mind, allowing the process to dictate the outcome.

This exhibition is a celebration of the peace and joy spending time in nature can bring, matched only for her, by the process of painting it.