Sleeping Patterns

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Premiere of Juste Janulyte's new work

Juste Janulyte's music moves over the listener like a wave, bathing you in warm sonorities and rich harmonies. Taking a lot of her inspiration from visual aspects of the natural world such as shifting clouds and falling snow, Janulyte's monochromatic compositions seem to play with temperature and density of sound.

Sleeping Patterns is woven from seven hypnotically repetitive patterns of slightly different tempos, which intertwine throughout the ensemble. The piece echoes a sleeping human body and all the regular but not synchronised sounds of our heartbeat, blood flow, and breathing create in sleep.

Programme to include: Lisa Streich Älv, Alv, Alva Tyshawn Sorey For Olly Woodrow Wilson Jr. Jack Sheen new work (world premiere) Juste Janulyte Sleeping Patterns (UK premiere) Salvatore Sciarrino da un Divertimento

Jack Sheen conductor London Sinfonietta


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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