Sh*t Faced Shakespeare: Macbeth

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Get together for a round of drinks and brush up on your iambic pentameter: Shit-Faced Shakespeare is back at the Leicester Square Theatre, offering a hilariously sozzled version of Macbeth.

The story of the murderous Macbeths is the stuff of legends: an ambitious husband and wife, a trio of weird sisters, a startling prophecy… and a bloodstain that just won’t wash out. So far, so Shakespeare. But what happens when you add a drunk actor to the mix?

Shit-Faced Shakespeare have become acclaimed worldwide thanks to their on-the-nose (and on-the-booze) approach to the playwright’s greatest hits. At each performance, one professionally trained actor is chosen to get drunk before curtains up, and their sober co-stars must prepare for whatever’s thrown at them – foul or fair!

Tipsy witches and legless ghosts… this definitely isn’t the dusty play you studied at school. For a laugh-out-loud, unconventional take on the bard's most loved works, look no further than Shit Faced Shakespeare tickets


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