Screen Printing Weekend


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Target groups
Adult, Youth, Elderly
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25/03 2023 10:00am
Edinburgh Printmakers Castle Mills 1 Dundee Street EDINBURGH
Provided by The List


This course concentrates on using light sensitive stencil screenprinting. This type of stencil can produce detailed marks such as painterly washes, linear drawings, photocopied images and text. Participants learn how to print their image in several coloured layers onto paper. To print, the screen is attached to a printing press and acrylic based ink is pushed through the screen mesh onto paper using a squeegee blade. Each layer of colour is printed individually, taking care to register each new layer of ink on top of previously printed colours.

This course uses waterbased inks on paper which are not suitable for printing on textiles. During the course, each participant will work on their own print, creating 3-4 layers of colour onto paper. The process is explored through hands-on practice where participants learn the practical, technical skills involved in making a screenprint. Paper size (& maximum image size) on course is approx: 28 x 38cm