Ryley Walker

Indie folk sounds from Chicago's Ryley Walker, who has clear Tim Buckley influences scrawled across his music.
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Ryley is a 24 year-old singer/songwriter and guitarist from Chicago. Inspired by some of his heroes, among them Tim Hardin, Nick Drake and Bert Jansch, he has released two studio albums and visits us with his band as part of a month-long European tour.

“With the charming swagger of jazz-folk troubadour Tim Buckley and the resonant, full picking style of Bert Jansch... With acoustic guitar in hand and a voice like browned butter, Walker swings and sways in a lush string-and-piano arrangement right out of Buckley’s Starsailor; it slowly picks up to a swirling gallop without bucking the rhythm.” – NPR Music

“Primrose Green is disorientating, casting new light on modes you thought you knew well. Wherever there are familiar elements, Walker and his excellent, jazzy band take them to new places…It’s like returning home after a long journey away. Glad in some ways to be back, but irrevocably changed for the better by the experience.” UNCUT 9/10


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