We all know the story of poor Rapunzel, locked in a tower and hoping one day to be rescued. Our Nomads family pantomime brings you this well known tale but with a generous amount of fun and mayhem thrown in!‍ With well-known characters such as the Prince and the Wicked Witch, there's also the hilarious Dame (who was supposed to be looking after Rapunzel on the fateful day she was tricked by the Witch.) Assisted by her not-so-clever son, the Dame is now trying to get back into the King & Queen's good books...‍ Will Rapunzel get rescued in time for 18th birthday? And will a sprinkling of Fairy magic be enough to help save the day? You'll have to come and see this fun-filled, toe-tapping, hair-swirling family spectacular to find out! ​


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18/01 2023 7:30pm
Kings Theatre 16 Fitzroy Street NEWMARKET
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