Portobello Panto Presents: Charlie And The Everlasting Gobstopper

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The Portobello Panto is back and fighting fit. This year, we're bringing the magical tale of Charlie and the Everlasting Gobstopper to the Tabernacle, W11. Show dates Thursday 16th - Saturday 18th December 2021.

Slough, 1979, an enterprising young weirdo called Really Wonky invents a sticky brown substance she calls 'chocolate'. Forty-two years later, Wonky chocolate has become a worldwide sensation, sending kids and grown-ups alike doolally with longing. But success doesn't bring Wonky happiness. And, with children increasingly being served quinoa for breakfast, the confectionary business is starting to suffer. Wonky hatches a plan. In order to breathe new life into her ailing company, she will offer five juvenile fans the chance to tour her Notting Hill factory and win a lifetime's supply of choccy. All they must do is promise not to steal Wonky's secrets. After four suitably entitled contestants win goldique tickets, a young broke lad from the Grove called Charlie Bucket-Hat finds the last one. Alongside his Grandpa, he embarks on what he thinks will be the making of him. But, like Wonky's prototype everlasting gobstopper, it might well be the breaking of him.


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