Pirates of Penzance - October 2022


Pirates with sentimental hearts, blundering policeman, crazy adventures and improbableparadoxes. Gilbert and Sullivans comic Pirates of Penzance is filled with fun and laughter.Frederic, a pirate's apprentice, falls head-over-heels in love with Mabel, the daughter of MajorGeneral Stanley.On his 21st birthday Frederic is finally due to be released from his apprenticeship.But being born on 29th February, a leap year, Frederic discovers that he is technically still wayoff being 21 years and is therefore still bound in his apprenticeship to the Pirate King.Although very much in love, he is dedicated to his duty and so remains with the Pirates, thisaction causes all sorts of complications and hilarity with Pirates versus Policemen.But who will triumph? And will Mabel and Frederic find their happy ever after?Come join us for this swashbuckling show!


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20/10 2022 7:30pm
Lighthouse: Poole's Centre for the Arts 21 Kingland Road POOLE
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