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Tiffany is twisting and turning and her mind won't stop whirring, she just can't fall asleep! As a fairy tale enthusiast she knows that the only thing that keeps people awake is a PEA hidden underneath her bed. Join Tiffany as she adventures down through the mattress worlds, helping the bed folk that she meets along her adventure. But look out Tiffany, the further down you go the closer you get to the monster that lives under the bed!

"A witty and totally epic bedtime adventure for children and adults alike" - Everything Theatre

"As a parent, this is just the theatre that I would want to bring my children to see" - Audience response

"An utterly unexpected gem. Full of witty, self-aware writing that had 3 grown adults laughing along with a fairytale" - Audience response

"That was unbelievable!" - Primary school student, age 6

Come along to Comberton Village Hall on Sunday 8th May 2022 to enjoy a magical performance of PEA, filled with enchanting puppetry, intricate soundscapes, and lots and lots of sheep!

The performance is at 11am, doors opening at 10.45am, and will last about an hour, though wed love you to stay for a bit afterwards to give us some feedback.

This is a performance for adventurers aged 4 and up and the performance is absolutely free! (Though do please book tickets on here so we dont go over capacity, thank you).

Hope to see you there for this epic adventure!

Feel free to contact me (Eden) at if you have any questions.

This show has been supported by Arts Council England, Cambridge Junction & The Curious School of Puppetry.

For more information about the show, check out our website HERE!


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