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Elderly, Adult, Youth


Celebrating 3 years of living an alcohol-free life, finding creative freedom, and coming out as queer women.

I have been creative all my life and blessed to have been encouraged to be so. But I lacked confidence and hid inside 30 years of sketchbooks. I desperately wanted to paint, actually trying a few times, but those negative stories and beliefs kept coming up. My paints and canvas would go away, and I retreated back to my sketchbooks.

My creativity has never left my side, even in my darkest days of drinking. I kept being creative and putting myself out there, then retreating as the feelings of “Not enough!” and “Who do you think you are? You’re not an artist!” were on a constant loop and stopped me from ever moving forward. In my heart, I knew one day I would find a way to be the artist I knew I was destined to be! After years and years of living a life full of guilt and shame, I had found my light at the end of the tunnel. I stepped away from my old life and into a whole new reality that I had to navigate, and I had to get to know the new sober me!

I am living my most creative, authentic and happiest life - Sober is my Superpower.