Chloé Zhao's Oscar-winning drama starring Frances McDormand, which follows a women who begins living as a modern day nomad across western United States after losing her job in the Great Recession.


Fiercely independent, Fern (Frances McDormand) earns her living, working itinerant jobs, sleeping in her campervan before moving on to the next destination when the time comes. “I’m not homeless,” she says to an inquiring friend’s daughter. “I’m just… houseless. Not the same thing.” Following the seasons and seasonal jobs, she travels across the USA, discovering a community of like-minded folk on the way, all with different reasons for living like modern-day nomads. While she keeps running into one man (David Strathairn) who offers companionship and some stability, it isn’t clear if Fern is ready (or even needs to) settle down.


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