Gappy's December gig in at an earlier point in the month than usual, but we have to get it in before you all start filling up with Quality Street and eggnog and can't make it off the sofa to go to gigs. Therefore we've put together a sophisticated, relaxed line-up to give you one last moment of civility before the Christmas bacchanalia kicks in.

We present erudite, eloquent pop from local quintet Mid Air, warm and woozy nu gaze from new local act Sleeprs, and top quality tunes from singer-songwriter Rich Rainford.

We are very sorry, but the venue is at the top of a steep and twisting flight of stairs, so wheelchair users or those with significant mobility issues will not be able to attend.


Enjoy code: 975901
Target groups
Youth, Adult, Elderly
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17/12 2022 7:30pm
Port Mahon 82 St. Clements Street OXFORD
Provided by The List