Metric are a Toronto-based synth pop band.
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Metric were founded in 1998, when vocalist/keyboardist Emily Haines met British-born guitarist James Shaw in Toronto. Discovering they shared similar tastes in music, the duo set out to work together and began writing music which quickly became Metric’s debut EP Mainstream.

Following the project’s release, the duo moved to Brooklyn, New York before being sent by their label to work with London-based producer Stephen Hague. Within months, the band had completed what they believed would be their debut album. Label troubles, however, meant that the album was pushed to the backburner and by the time the label was ready to give the album the attention it deserved, the band (who had since added drummer Joules Scott-Key and bassist Joshua Winstead to their ranks) decided it was no longer representative of their sound.

In 2003, Metric finally released their first feature length project in Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?. The album was a huge critical and commercial success, projecting the band to the fore of early 2000’s rock.

Since their debut, Metric have released 7 more albums, most recently this year’s Formentera, their most far-reaching and grand album yet. Written through the pandemic, the album’s warring emotions and crushing instrumentation perfectly capture the unrest and uncertainty of the era; and show once more why Metric continue to dominate hearts and minds across the world.


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