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(18+) ONLINE via Vimeo. PUSH 2023. Inspired by true crime stories, ‘The Enlightened’ deals with the need to make sense out of chaos and connect. It invites the audience to ultimately questions if the truth is worth it.

The aftermath of a young, western man who went to India in search of enlightenment but mysteriously disappeared. It follows a group of people who all knew him in different contexts (as a brother, a tourist, a minor internet personality etc) and their struggle to reconcile their different versions of the truth with what they want to be true.

The story is told through three mediums: in-person actors, actors performing live via Zoom (projected on-stage), and a WhatsApp group chat in which the audience is invited to share their theories about the case.


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10/02 2023 7:00pm
Home 2 Tony Wilson Place MANCHESTER
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