Jukebox Musicals - Rebel, Rebel

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PQA Colchester's AM and PM Academies premiere six original mini Jukebox Musicals.

REBEL, REBEL - by AM Academy Blue group

School is tough, especially when you're boarding with a bunch of badly behaved brutes. A plan is hatched to pull off the prank of all pranks, resulting in huge damage to the school. Drowning in debt, the hapless headteacher is left with little other option but to apply for a government bursary awarded to the country's worst performing school to fix the damage, and enlists the help of their mischievous students. In doing so, however, they discover that there is far more that unites them with their tutors than divides them...

Inspired by the music of the revolutionary David Bowie, Rebel Rebel is a story about anarchy, cooperation, and learning from our mistakes.


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