Jordan Brookes: I've Got Nothing

The comedian tries to find human connection before the world ends.
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No tricks. No gimmicks. No plan. Just an hour in my company. Things will be over soon. We’re nearly there, everyone! Great work. But before we go, I’m making one last attempt to find human connection in the here and now, to snuffle out what remaining joy there is in a rapidly crumbling world, before it’s too late. It’ll be loose, playful and raw.

Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee 2017 Chortle Comedian’s Comedian Award Winner 2018 ‘Majestic and challenging’ ★★★★★ The List ‘Impressively brutal and self-lacerating physical comedy’ ★★★★★ The Skinny ‘Digressive, deeply unsettling and very funny’ ★★★★ The Guardian ‘Brookes is a startingly talented comedian’ ★★★★ The Scotsman


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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