Iphigenia; Or, The Sacrifices Of A Young Woman In Nine Movements


Iphigenia is a regular teenage girl on the verge of becoming a woman, whatever that means. Bursting with desires, fears, dreams, and a whole lot more she hasn’t figured out yet.

She’s also about to be slaughtered as a sacrifice to the gods.

IPHIGENIA; or, the sacrifices of a young woman in nine movements tells the tragic tale of the forces behind a young girl’s demise and the mother who feels she must allow it to happen. Alongside documentary interviews with daughters and mothers, we witness a series of private moments set in the confines of Iphigenia’s childhood bedroom as she reconciles her own desires against the role she is asked to play. We catch her in the most intimate moments — the moments in-between the acts — those not normally seen in our epic dramas. As her life is shaped by the decisions of others seemingly outside her control, Iphigenia is pushed towards the ultimate sacrifice.

_IPHIGENIA _asks us to consider what women sacrifice to make their way in the world, what we ask of each other as women, and the inheritance shared between mothers and daughters. This is a story of sacrifice, solidarity, and a young woman fighting for her own power.

Latecomers may not be admitted. Please arrive in good time for the start time of 19:45. Under 18s are not permitted into the theatre for this performance. _ _No re-admittance once the performance has commenced. Refunds and exchanges are not available.


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19/01 2023 7:45pm
The Hope Theatre 207 Upper Street LONDON
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