Into the New 2023: And for thy peace


And for thy peace, is about memory and its hauntings. 

About my mother’s mother – my grandmother, Nanny Bob. About her love of dancing that felt like it was always in the past.

This is about remembering. About Mothers. About glamour. About death. 

This is a collaboration with my memories of Nanny Bob.

This is show for the living and the dead. 

This is spoken in necromantic tongues. 

This is a thinning of the veil. 

This is a party and a wake. 

So, shall we go out dancing? 

Trigger warnings: Themes of death and loss of loved ones.

Audience can leave if they need to and re-enter.

Gracie Richmond is a multidisciplinary artist from North Yorkshire, working across visual art, necromancy, and performance. 

Her practice is based in the act of remembering and the psychological anthropology of hauntings. She collaborates with ghosts; metaphorical and literal.

What impels her arts practice is working with people and place, drawing on collective, cultural, and personal memory.  She loves telling stories with people about people.


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Target groups
Youth, Adult, Elderly