International Incident with Comic Ventriloquist Trish Dunn


Internationally touring Comic Ventriloquist Trish Dunn is bringing he hilarious and

funny "International Incident" show which features a cast of "American

Characters" aka ventriloquist dummies for a night of rolling on the floor with

laughter entertainment.

She takes you on a journey of laughter through the absurdities of life and

differences of life in the US and the UK, as seen through the eyes of a snarky

elderly couple, an aspiring Diva, and a good ol boy Redneck who bring out the

hilarity of life and differences in the US and the UK.

Trish Dunn, a dual US and UK citizen, returns to her home in the UK after touring

the US for years entertaining audiences in comedy clubs, vacation resorts,

theatre(s), river cruises, corporate events and opening for both Rock and Country

bands. She's even been featured in the New York Times.


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Target groups
Youth, Elderly, Adult
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Available tickets

10/09 2022 8:00pm
The Doncaster Little Theatre King Street DONCASTER
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